Sunday, July 24, 2011

It Came From eBay Hell: 1998 Mauck Executive

If you hit the jump, you’ll find a short clip from the 1977 cheesefest Supervan, where our heroes are being chased by the police. The titular van was built by the self-anointed King of the Kustomizers George Barris, who also has a cameo in this mess. And that’s all I have to say about this. It was the funkadelic 1970s and Georgie had to earn his keep with Mrs. Barris. Now take a look at this one-of-a-kind 1998 Mauck Executive found on eBay. From BC Benjamin Auto Sales in Great Neck, NY comes the Son of Supervan: the Mauck Executive.
Custom built in 1998 for somebody with way too much disposable income (my money’s on Donald Trump), the Mauck spent its 25,000 plus miles being exclusively chauffeur driven. So, what does the seller have to say about this mightiest of limousines?
“Odds are you have never seen anything like this vehicle before and probably never will again.”
I’d say. The Mauck has gull-wing doors, a wet bar, a bathroom, a retractable rooftop table and a shopping centre’s worth of electronics and appliances. I’m talking fridge/freezer, microwave, AM/FM and satellite radio, CD, DVD, GPS, an Alpine sound system and a 22-inch LCD monitor.
Add to that a leather-and-marble coachbulit interior, rear parking sensors, an air horn and upgraded everything: brakes, engine, transmission and suspension.
The seller claims some US$882,000 (€624,027) was spent on this luxury behemoth, though at the moment this article was written, the highest bid on eBay was a paltry US$25,000 (€17,688).
Check out our full gallery below and bask in the overtop ridiculous of it all. You can just imagine Paris Hilton cruising around in the back of this. I know I can. Oh, and don’t forget to comment!

By Tristan Hankins




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